True Colours – The Wedding of Gemma & Martin

The day my friend Gemma asked me to photograph her wedding was a very special day for me! Gemma and I met in 2007, long before I became a photographer, working together in a hotel in Edinburgh.

We became thick as thieves and I could see from the offset that she was a very rare rose indeed, with a bright and colourful future winking at her from afar.

I since had the honour of photographing her eldest sister Poppy’s wedding and thus became good friends with the family as a whole; her mum, dad & younger twin sisters being a true joy to be around.

Fast forward to July 2016 and we were at her parents’ magnificent home on the eve of her big day and without dragging it out I’ll just sum it up as a truely unforgettable day to be part of. She absolutely blew me away when I saw her in her fabulous wedding dress and I felt like some weird proud older brother looking through the lens.

Martin didn’t scrub up all too badly either and I found a new respect for the man as I witnessed the way in which he conducted himself; a true gentleman with a light manner and a smile that can light up a stadium.

Together I know they will bring this beautiful combination of light and colour wherever they go and everytime I look through these photos and see my dear friend on her glorious wedding day, I remember again that Love is a many Splendid thing indeed!


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