My Top 7 Wedding Venues in Edinburgh To Shoot In

Being a photographer in Scotland is quite a special thing. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in the delights and quirks of a traditional Scottish wedding but you also get to work in some amazing locations and venues. Some of them are grand and epic, some of them quirky and quaint.

Edinburgh in particular boasts quite an array and variety of wedding venues to choose from and I have come to learn that you can truly make your Special Day your own in some of these.

Here is a list of my Top 7 Wedding Venues to shoot in, in and around Edinburgh, The Lothians & Fife..,. and some of them may not be as obvious as you might think


7. Edinburgh Zoo

Really? The Zoo? Well you might think that it’s all about monkey-ing around but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Edinburgh Zoo boasts quite a few fabulous reasons to have your wedding here – a gorgeous mansion house within the grounds to mention one.

As a photographer I love it as it is quite exclusive and removed from the rest of the zoo, with some fantastic rooms and interior features. The fact that you can go out for a wander into the zoo is a distinct bonus, so do be careful to dress your groomsmen in penguin suits as they might just get confused with some of the locals ūüėČ


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Photos from the wedding of Emma & Gordon Allan, March 2017

6. Dynamic Earth

What a strange place to have your wedding in, saying your “I Do’s” amongst pre-historic fossils and future-science displays. Well this place truly is unforgettable, located right in the heart of Edinburgh by Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament Buildings, and gloriously overlooking an actual extinct volcano; Arthur’s Seat.

With VIP museum tours for you and your wedding guests and some magnificent places to have your photos taken; this is definitely one of my top favourite places to shoot at.


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Photos from the wedding of Charlene & Stuart Burgess, May 2016


5. Glenskirlie Castle

If it’s a fairy tale wedding you’re after then look no further. A mere 35 minutes from Edinburgh Airport this is as picturesque as it gets. A couple’s ultimate romantic setting and a photographer’s dream.

With accommodation on-site for you and your close family and just so many delicious features, this really is one of the greats in my book and I’m always very excited when I see it pop into the diary.


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Photos from the wedding of Emma & Stuart Boyd, August 2015


4. Dryburgh Abbey

Ancient. Full of memory. Inside is outside and outside is in.

Dryburgh Abbey is located on the banks of the river Tweed near the borders town of Dryburgh. This ancient abbey was founded in 1150, destroyed by the English in 1544 and is the final resting place of Sir Walter Scott, who is buried on the grounds.

The stones of these ruins echo of history and powerfully evokes a sense of wonder. As a photographer I am transported every time I shoot there and cannot recommend this place enough. With the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel a mere 200 feet away from the grounds this is the perfect spot to accommodate your travelling guests and have a truely unforgettable wedding day!


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Photos from the wedding of Tricksey & Owen Jones, May 2016


3. The Caves

If it get’s rainy, which is very likely here in Scotland, seek shelter underground…and be AMAZED!¬†As you step into the door and place your palms on the cold stone walls you literally feel yourself time-travelling.

The Caves make up the sub-structure of the 18th Century South Bridge and there was once so much Whisky stored here that it became known as “Whisky Row”. With great regard for preserving the authenticity and history of this venue, for many years they have painstakingly excavated these vaults which is a¬†¬†UNESCO World Heritage site.

For a photographer this is probably one of the most challenging venues to shoot in – what with the atmosperic candle-lit rooms – but an absolute joy to add to your portfolio if you manage to pull it off!


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Photos from the wedding of Viki & Scott, June 2017


2. Dalhousie Castle

Number Two on my list is the glorious Dalhousie Castle! It is one of the most romantic venues I know and is located a mere 15 minutes south of Edinburgh.

Not only is it postcard-pretty but it has seen much history. King Edward I (Longshanks) stayed at the castle on his way to meet Sir William Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk. In 1400, Sir Alexander Ramsay withstood a six-month siege by English forces led by King Henry IV, and Oliver Cromwell used the castle as a base for his invasion of Scotland.

It is pure magnificence inside and out, surrounded by grounds you can get lost in with a spa and even a falconry on site.

A dream venue for any photographer and a reason to get boyishly excited everytime I see it pop up in my diary.


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Photos from the wedding of Jonathan & Debbie Barkey, May 2016


1. The Principal Edinburgh

Out of grand castles and epic abbey ruins I pick a hotel? Well I’m confident you will be as amazed at this venue as I am if you ever pay it a visit.

Located right in the heart of Edinburg the five townhouses on George Street that make up the hotel’s historic core, were constructed around 1780 as part of Edinburgh’s¬†New Town.

It oozes class and finesse from top to bottom and just offers so much to both the couple and the photographer. Everytime I walk in there on a job it’s like walking into an exclusive candy shop. A true joy to work in and a venue you will never forget.


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Photos from the weddings of Scott & Danielle Boyle and Ashley & Gordeon Meikle, in February 2017


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