A Return To Roots – Steve & Nina Elopes to Scotland

When Steve and Nina initially got in touch with me from Connecticut in the US,¬†I felt that old familiar ripple and buzz go up my spine, you know…the one that either you’ve been sitting at your editing desk too long, or that something special was on the way.

It was the latter of course, but little did I know how wonderful and unforgettable these two people and their wedding will turn out to be.

Steve has his roots in Scotland, with his mother and grandfather all originating form Dunfermline in the Kingdom of Fife and it was his ambition to return to the good old Alba and make the lovely Irish/Russian beauty that is Nina, his bride.

To add a little more of a bohemian flavour to the mix, they decided on having their nuptials in the Scottish capital during the month of August, which of course coincides with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!


Before The Plunge – Arthur’s Seat

Our first encounter would be a few days before the wedding day, for an introduction in the form of a gentle stroll (which of course translates to “excruciating climb”) up Arthur’s Seat – where we would enjoy a spot of sightseeing, wind-bettering and board games.



The Ceremony – East Princes Street Gardens

On a beautifully rare sunny Saturday we all met again, fully recovered from the climb and dressed to the teeth, ready for business, in East Princes Street Gardens. I was thoroughly impressed by the fact that Nina had made her wedding dress herself, as well as Steve magnificent waistcoat. The kilt that Steve is wearing so mightily is of course in the design of his his very own family tartan, handed down by his grandfather.

With tourists from all corners standing in as their wedding guests the ceremony commenced. Right smack in the middle of the bustling fringe festivities we stood, yet a quiet and intimate bubble, a calm little centre that the universe revolved around, for Steve and Nina to make their vows.

It was a beautifully intimate and lighthearted humanist ceremony, witnessed by Nina’s mum and partner, and conducted by the lovely Marilyn Jackson.



I Would Walk 500 Miles – The Royal Mile

After the ceremony was complete we all went for a lovely stroll (which of course translates to “high octane sprint and wrestle through a sea of tourists”) down the Royal Mile, and it was wonderfully observed and received by all those who passed us. What a beautiful thing it is when total strangers can stop for a moment and share in your joy!



Full Circle –¬†Salisbury Crags

And so, after working up quite the impressive sweat, we made our way back to Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags to where it all began. The day was beginning to draw to a close with the promise of a bright future on the horizon. So we popped a little fizz, raised our glasses, tipped our hats and gave a wink to the vibrancy, the adventure and the fun the future is sure to hold!


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